Harris Ranch climbs rankings of top restaurants in California

This year’s ranking is an increase from last year as Harris Ranch bumped up its revenue by millions of dollars.

Harris Ranch Resort has moved up in a major national restaurant ranking as one of the best in California. 

Restaurant Business ranked Harris Ranch Resort as the 29th highest-earning independent restaurant in the nation. 


The big picture: Along with being ranked at No. 29, Harris Ranch Resort was ranked by the publication as the No. 3 independent restaurant in California. 

  • Last year Harris Ranch Resort brought in $22.9 million in revenue from food and beverage sales. 
  • That came from serving nearly 670,000 meals with an average bill of $43. 
  • This is the fourth year in a row that Harris Ranch has placed in the top 50 of Restaurant Business’s Top 100 Restaurants list. 
  • Last year, Harris Ranch placed 33rd with $18.8 million in revenue. 
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