Kings County, firefighters union reaches impasse over new deal

Emergency services will continue for all Kings County residents while the impasse is dealt with.

Kings County is at an impasse with its firefighters after nearly 10 months of negotiating. 

Supervisor Doug Verboon blamed the impasse on misinformation, not the terms being discussed between both sides. 


The big picture: Kings County announced Thursday that it reached an official impasse in collective bargaining with the Kings County Firefighters Association. 

  • The agreement between the county and the union expired in June 2023, and both sides have been unable to reach a new deal since. 
  • Despite the expiration, the county and the union have agreed to several side letter agreements, including a 1.5 percent pay increase, recruitment and retention bonuses and a half holiday for Christmas Eve. 
  • Overall, the county has offered an 18 percent wage increase spread out over the term of the agreement, which was rejected. 

State of play: Firefighter wages currently range from $54,106 to $81,361 before overtime and benefits. 

  • The county’s proposals would have increased the wages to range from $64,676 to $97,319. 

What we’re watching: The county says it is open to continued dialogue with the Firefighters Association in the hopes of reaching a fair deal. 

  • Emergency services will continue to be provided without interruption despite the impasse. 

What they’re saying: “I’m disappointed to be at this point, and believe misinformation, not terms, is to blame for our current impasse,” Verboon said. “Public safety is our top priority, and the generous proposals that we’ve presented reflect that. I remain hopeful that the Kings County Firefighters Association will reconsider our most recent proposal and secure a generous compensation package for our firefighters.” 

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