Brieno, Hanford councilman, abruptly resigns amid legal threats

Pending litigation allegedly centering on remarks made by the Hanford Councilman at a high-ranking city official led to his exit.

Hanford City Councilman Art Brieno abruptly resigned from his post during a special meeting Tuesday night.

The news, first reported by the Hanford Sentinel, is a continuation of a Friday night special meeting held by the Hanford City Council to discuss potential litigation involving Council member misconduct.


“I’ve come to the conclusion after a lot of discussion with counsel that it would be in the best interest for myself to resign,” Brieno said during Tuesday’s meeting.

“I have really appreciated working with the council, the staff and the things we’ve done in the city, but the last thing I want is continued litigation with the city.”

This story will be updated.

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