Fresno’s Playland at risk of shutting down permanently

Poor attendance could sink Fresno’s amusement park shortly after it reopened to the public.

Playland, Fresno’s historic amusement park, might be forced to close if business doesn’t pick up. 

The west Fresno amusement park reopened just a few months ago after several years in the dark. 


The backstory: Playland opened in 1955 and was a staple in Fresno at Roeding Park for decades. 

  • But the amusement park was closed for several years, nearly being demolished during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Helm and Sons Amusement, a California family-run company, took over as Playland’s new operator and reopened the amusement park in June. 

Driving the news: ABC 30 reported that Playland’s reopening might be short-lived due to poor attendance, giving Helm and Sons Amusement little option but to shutter operations. 

  • Playland is offering various extra attractions over the next few months to help attract people, such as a pumpkin patch for Halloween and three days of snow around Christmas, as well as new rides once the calendar flips to November. 
  • But without higher attendance the park is facing a closing date at the start of the new year. 
  • City leaders reportedly will meet with Playland’s operators next week to discuss the future of the amusement park.
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