Spokeswoman for Firestone-Walker Brewing draws heat after poking fun at Fresno

With one tweet mocking Fresno from its spokeswoman, Firestone-Walker Brewing’s 805 beer went from one of Fresno’s favorite brews to a local pariah.

Saturday night, Firestone-Walker’s 805 could arguably be considered Fresno’s second-most popular beer of choice. By Sunday, it became a pariah.

It began with a seemingly innocent tweet from superstar artist John Legend. Legend was in attendance at Fresno State’s heart-wrenching double overtime loss to the Minnesota Golden Gophers to cheer on his nephew (a member of the Minnesota squad)


Then Jemma Wilson, the communications manager for the Paso Robles-based Firestone-Walker Brewing, chimed in:

Locals, including Yahoo Sports writer Mike Oz, pushed back at Wilson – citing her employer’s heavy-handed marketing in Fresno.

Even Fresno City Councilman Luis Chavez joined in to knock the suds spokeswoman:

As more Fresno-based criticism rolled in, Wilson took her personal Twitter account private to hide it from additional salvos.

Others, including the parody publication The Raisin, cracked a few jokes of their own.

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