Lee Brand's lofty task: turn City Hall dreams into reality

Ashley Swearengin’s plans raised expectations sky-high. Lee Brand is tasked with implementing the plans and meeting the expectations.

2035 General Plan



The Skinny: No more sprawl. Inner-city rebirth. Peace and justice and prosperity for all. There you have the promises of Fresno’s new blueprint for growth. Oh, and high-density living, as well. (Don’t worry – experts say you’ll get used to it.)

The Rundown: “The theme of resilience runs throughout the Plan and its strategies to address the city’s challenges and capitalize on its opportunities and assets. There are five principles of resilience that guide the intent and demonstrate the interrelationships among Plan goals, objectives, and implementing policies. These principles serve as an overarching framework for a healthy and prosperous Fresno. 1.) Quality-of-Life and Basic Services in All Neighborhoods; 2.) A Prosperous Cityy – Centered on a Vibrant Downtown; 3.) Ample Industrial and Employment Land Ready for Job Creation; 4.) Care for the Built and Natural Environment; 5.) Fiscally Responsible and Sustainable Land Use Policies and Practices.” (Source: Introduction to 2035 General Plan)

The Pledge: “This is a very historic moment. Think about it. It’s only the sixth time since our city was founded that we’ve debated and crafted a clear vision for Fresno’s future. That’s worth celebrating.” – Mayor Ashley Swearengin, Dec. 18, 2014, on sthe City Council’s approval of 2035 General Plan (Source: City of Fresno)

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  1. The City of Fresno is the 5th largest City in the State of California and has an annual Budget of almost a billion dollars, with approximately 4,000 employees, and does NOT have an Internal Audit Unit to ensure the proper accounting, internal controls and safeguarding of all City Assets are in place and functioning as intended. As the retired Principal Internal Auditor for the City of Fresno, effective January 2016, this area should be of significance to the City and newly elected Mayor and all Council Members. All the top ten Cities in the State of California, except the City of Fresno, have an Internal Audit Unit. For the structure, benefits and type of Internal Audits performed by the Internal Audit Unit I oversaw while employed with the City, I reference all viewers of this comment to the City’s Administrative Order 1-10. I would hope that this significant area of concern and importance might be #11 on the Mayor’s Listing going forward. Thank You!

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