Lawyer: Fresno’s Granite Park operator faces Friday insurance deadline

After an early morning closed-door meeting on Monday, developer Terance Frazier faces a fast-approaching deadline to maintain hold on Granite Park.

The Central Valley Community Sports Foundation and its chief, developer Terance Frazier, now face a quickly-approaching deadline to produce adequate insurance coverage to maintain a hold on city-owned Granite Park.

A letter sent to Frazier by Fresno City Attorney Doug Sloan compelling Frazier produce insurance coverage or face potential termination of the city’s lease if alcohol is sold on-premises.


Per the report, Sloan set the deadline for insurance coverage at 5 p.m. on Friday.

The letter comes after the Fresno City Council held an early-morning, closed-door meeting to discuss insurance requirements of all of its tenants in city-owned facilities.

Lawmakers also held a conference with legal counsel over Frazier’s on-going Federal civil rights lawsuit centering on an audit conducted by Mayor Lee Brand’s administration into his operation of the controversial, once-struggling park.

City Council members were also slated to discuss potentially initiating litigation against Frazier and his nonprofit regarding his operation of the park.

No action was reported out from the meeting following its conclusion.

Read the letter

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