Poochigian throws support behind Ott


My CVObserver colleague Alex Tavlian nailed this one long ago.


Fresno County Supervisor Debbie Poochigian on Thursday said she is endorsing small business owner Alex Ott to succeed her in the District 5 seat.

Poochigian in January announced she would not seek a third term. Tavlian immediately reported that, considering their past political ties, Ott most likely is “being groomed to take over for the outgoing Supervisor.”

If a ringing endorsement from the incumbent is part of the grooming process in our rough and tumble democracy, then Ott’s political profile just got considerably spiffier.

“Alex is a strong, tough fiscal conservative who is a proven leader in our community,” Poochigian said. “I am confident Alex will reject the tax and spend policies promoted by career politicians and will bring real, common sense business experience to the county.”

Poochigian said Ott knows how to work effectively with county leaders, yet has the passion and commitment to serve every county resident.

As anyone knows who’s been paying attention to the raucous presidential primaries, working both sides of the establishment/populist aisle is no easy feat.

“He understands and will work tirelessly to protect taxpayers, defend property rights and increase economic opportunities in Fresno County,” Poochigian said. “Most importantly, Alex knows the importance of keeping our families safe and will fight every day to keep criminals behind bars and reject Sacramento’s plans to put more criminals out on our streets.”

Ott – no need to hold your breath here – was quite pleased to get Poochigian’s blessing.

“Supervisor Poochigian has worked diligently to represent the 5th District while keeping fees and taxes low, acting as a taxpayer watchdog scrutinizing every tax dollar and working to reduce the size and scope of government,” Ott said, “Poochigian is an effective, principled, outspoken conservative leader who understands the need to push back on Sacramento politicians who are making our communities less safe.”

Ott concluded his remarks with a declarative sentence free of commas.

“Fresno County is made up of hard-working men and women who deserve dedicated leaders who will fight to protect our way of life,” Ott said.

Too bad that wasn’t followed by “I’m one of those leaders!” But there’s still time to lose the passive voice.

Ott’s company, Ott & Davison Consulting, provides food safety and security management services. He is executive director of the California Apple Commission, California Blueberry Commission, California Olive Committee and California Blueberry Association.

His wife, Lisa Ott, is running H. Spees’ campaign for Fresno mayor.

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