Neutered: The Rise and Fall of the Dog Pound Gang

Sex trafficking. Prostitution. Identity Theft. Fraud. How one Fresno gang confounded cops with its operations until last week.




Status is everything to the Dog Pound Gangsters. That’s why, according to Smith’s affidavit, Kiandre Johnson (aka “Key Da P”) pushed his prostitute to work, work, work.

Kiandre Johnson is one of the alleged would-be murderers. He’s also an alleged pimp. The affidavit alleges he pimped a woman described in the document only as Unidentified Female 306 (UF306).

The affidavit picks up the alleged doings of Kiandre Johnson and UF306 at dinnertime (6:13 p.m.) on Feb. 26, 2016. They apparently were in the early stages of establishing a business and personal relationship.

The two exchanged text messages even as UF306 was with a customer.

“why you did not bring the money..i really needed you,” Kiandre Johnson wrote.

“But I feel like slapping the f— out of my trick,” UF306 wrote.

“Girl get the money …” Kiandre Johnson wrote.

“Naw he be waisting my time his d*** want even get hard cuz his diabetes be f—ing with & he no that so why he even call me,” UF306 wrote.

Smith’s affidavit translated this exchange: Kiandre Johnson was broke. UF306 was making money, but not getting it to him fast enough. UF306 at this particular time was having a bad day at work. Her customer, plagued by erectile dysfunction, wouldn’t (couldn’t) leave.

Smith wrote that it’s not unusual for pimps to contact their prostitutes while the customer is still there.

“Some pimps conduct these visits more frequently than others but all pimps seem to embrace the practice as it provides them the opportunity to gauge the prostitutes’ production levels and further reduces the opportunity for the prostitute to withhold funds,” Smith wrote.

This dynamic – Kiandre Johnson demands, UF306 obeys – carried on day after day. On Feb. 28, for example, Kiandre Johnson wanted UF306 to send him a Money Gram. UF306 at one point texted Kiandre Johnson that she was in line at a Walmart and about to send the money.

Smith in the affidavit wrote that he believes the Money Gram is proof that Kiandre Johnson is a pimp.

On March 2, Kiandre Johnson and UF306 discussed by phone the best place for her to do her work. According to the affidavit, UF306 said she usually walked the area of First Street and Belmont Avenue in Central Fresno (a quarter-mile south of Romain Playground) rather than get a motel room.

Kiandre Johnson told her to get a room at the Motel 6 or the Ramada Inn at Highway 99/Shaw Avenue or work the Jensen Avenue area in South Fresno.

According to Smith’s affidavit, Kiandre Johnson told UF306 “to meet up with her regulars and in a joking way told her to send them a card and tell them she had been thinking about them.” UF306 said “her regulars would be shocked and happy if they heard her say that.” Kiandre Johnson said “it was her job to make them happy and that she would be happy when she made ‘that money.’”

The two snipped at each other. Kiandre Johnson at one point told UF306 to get out of the shower and go to work. UF306 groaned at the thought. She said she was “high.”

One day in early March the alleged pimp and the alleged prostitute had a heart-to-heart talk.

According to the affidavit, Kiandre Johnson told UF306 that “he was there for her and wanted for her to trust him because he was trusting her.” Kiandre Johnson said they had to stop wasting time. Kiandre Johnson told UF306 that “if they wanted to succeed they had to give each other what they really needed and that was ‘guidance.’”

Kiandre Johnson wanted to grow the business. He wanted UF306 to do a better job of marketing herself on the Internet. He talked on March 4 about sending UF306 to Modesto because, according to the affidavit, “it would be cool.”

Kiandre Johnson was itching to spend money earned by UF306. According to the affidavit, he wanted her to earn “3 bands ($3,000)” so he could get a Porsche. Once he got the Porsche, Johnson told UF306, “he would then be in the game.” Kiandre Johnson said “he could maneuver in that because it would be a luxury car and he could ‘flash’ it.”

Money and prostitution weren’t the only topics during this phone chat.

According to the affidavit, Kiandre Johnson and UF306 “began to discuss their relatives who had been involved in various other crimes and had been incarcerated ….”

Finally, according to the affidavit, Kiandre Johnson and UF306 talked about the wonderful future they could have together.

According to the affidavit, Kiandre Johnson told UF306 that “he had not been hard on her and that a lot of (‘N-word’) would have been hard on her.” UF306 told Kiandre Johnson that “if she had had a pimp who trying to be hard with her she wouldn’t ‘f—‘ with him.” UF306 told Kiandre Johnson “how her cousins treated their ‘b*tches’ and she didn’t want to be a part of anything like that.”

Kiandre Johnson told UF306 that “once things were arranged and worked out things would begin to fall into place for the two of them.”

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