Janz’s first fundraising email names Nunes six times, Brand zero

Fresno County prosecutor Andrew Janz announced last week he was challenging Fresno Mayor Lee Brand in 2020, foregoing a second Congressional run.

Fresno County prosecutor Andrew Janz may have decided the fight against Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) wasn’t winnable in 2020, but it certainly didn’t mean it wouldn’t be profitable.

Janz, who decided to forego a second bid against Nunes and instead announced last week a challenge to Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, sent out his first major fundraising appeal to supporters on Tuesday.


Supporters would be easily forgiven for picturing Janz running against Nunes instead of Brand, because only Nunes’ name appears in the email.

Brand, though unnamed in the email, is referred to as “a longtime Devin Nunes crony,” among other Nunes-tied monickers.

Blake Zante, an aide to Sen. Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno), tweeted out screengrabs of the fundraising appeal Tuesday night:

In sum, the fundraising email mentions Nunes by name six times.

Representatives for Brand declined to comment for this story.

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