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Mayoral radio show previews brawl ahead


The Preacher and the Brawlers displayed their “chief executive” chops last Wednesday on the radio.

But H. Spees, Henry R. Perea and Lee Brand did it sequentially when Fresno Unified school board member Brooke Ashjian hosted PowerTalk’s three-hour drive-time show.

Rumor has it that the three Fresno mayoral candidates will return to the station (96.7 FM) early next month for a campaign debate: man against man against man, no holds barred.

If Ashjian’s Feb. 3 show is any hint, Spees will take the high road. His sentiments will be fit for a church social. Perea and Brand? If Ashjian’s Feb. 3 show is any hint, they’ll be throwing haymakers at each other in the opening minute.

Perea last week entered the radio booth as Spees was leaving. They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Perea left the booth as Brand was arriving. They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

Wish I’d taken photos.

Ashjian also is scheduled to host a three-hour PowerTalk show on Thursday afternoon. His expected guests: Fresno City Council District 6 candidates Garry Bredefeld, Holly Carter and Jeremy Pearce.

Here are key comments from that Feb. 3 show, in order of the candidates’ appearance

George Hostetter is The Sun’s Fresno Civic contributor – covering the City of Fresno, County of Fresno, and Fresno Council of Governments.

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