Gov. Gavin Newsom is hunting for his first Valley staffer. Here’s how much it pays.

Eight years after Gov. Jerry Brown shut down the Governor’s field office in Fresno, Gov. Gavin Newsom is hiring for a new Valley position.

Last December, newly-minted Gov. Gavin Newsom was confronted with the fact that – for seven years – the Governor had no presence in the San Joaquin Valley.

The long-standing Governor’s field office in Fresno, along with those in San Diego and Riverside, had been eliminated by his predecessor in 2011 amid a $25 million budget shortfall.


The jobs never returned.

It appears Newsom took note of the fact, as his office posted a new Valley-centric outreach position.

The position: Regional Program Manager for the California’s 2020 Census outreach.

As stated in the State’s job posting website, the Fresno County-based position will “oversee a region outreach effort, ensure all regional partners contribute to the Statewide Outreach and Rapid Development (SwORD) interactive mapping site, and work with regional partners to meet contractual obligations and spends a majority of time doing field work.”

The office holder will also assist “in the coordination of the California Complete Count (CCC) office regional outreach activities.”

California Complete Count is the State’s Census department.

So what’s this Regional Program Manager expected to make?

The job posting lists the salary range as anywhere between $0 and $10,547 per month. Annually, the maximum gross salary exceeds $126,000, plus benefits.

The position has no application deadline and remains open until filled.

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