Fresno teen facing charges after shooting toy gel gun on school bus

A suspended Fresno Unified student shooting a gel toy gun on a school bus was arrested by Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies.

A teenager in Fresno County is facing charges after shooting a toy gel blaster gun at students on a school bus. The incident occurred near Sierra and Warren in Northwest Fresno, close to Bullard High School.

Driving the news: The student, who had been suspended on Monday, fired the gel blaster gun at the school bus driver, hitting the windshield.


  • 13 students were hit by the gel blaster pellets, with one student sustaining injuries.
  • The situation on the bus became chaotic, but luckily the incident did not result in more serious consequences or injuries.
  • The 15-year-old student jumped out of the bus window when it stopped. The student then made his way back to the Bullard High School campus and turned himself in.
  • The student is now facing 13 charges of assault and is being held at the Fresno County Juvenile Justice Center.

What they’re saying: The Fresno Unified School District is still investigating the incident and how the student gained access to the bus.

  • Concerned parents were seen picking up their children while deputies interviewed students on the bus.
  • One frustrated parent blamed overcrowding on the bus, stating that Fresno Unified needs to spread the students out for safety.
  • Fresno Unified confirmed that they do not have technology to scan ID cards to ensure only authorized students board the bus.
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