Fresno Police Auditor releases delayed report, finds excessive force in Wallace case

A Fresno police officer used excessive force and improper discretion against a 17-year old during a January 2019 gang raid according to findings from the city’s Office of Independent Review.

Fresno officials released police auditor John Gliatta’s findings today, after an outcry over the intentional delay of the report.

Last month, during a meeting with members of the city’s Commission on Police Reform, Gliatta said his report was ready in May — in time for his July quarterly report — but he withheld it over concern about community reaction in wake of the George Floyd killing and subsequent protests.

London Wallace, who was detained by officers during the raid, filed a complaint against the city and later a lawsuit, alleging unreasonable force was used against him. Body camera video, later released by Wallace’s attorneys, appears to show an officer repeatedly punch Wallace in the face.

Police arrested Wallace for felony resisting arrest, but later dropped the charge.

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Staff reports from The San Joaquin Valley Sun staff.