Fresno Police arrest suspect tied to seven bombings

Police found Nazi paraphernalia at the home of the 44-year-old suspect following his arrest in Riverside.

Fresno police announced the arrest of a serial bomber suspect on Wednesday. 

The Fresno Police Department arrested Scott Anderson, 44, who has been connected to several bombing incidents dating back to Dec. 13. 


The big picture: Overall, Anderson is suspected of being involved with seven incidents, including one at the Fresno County Probation Office. Anderson allegedly set off a bomb that went off inside a patrol unit. 

  • Of the other six incidents, five of them also involved cars while the other involved a mailbox. 
  • Police also arrested four other suspects linked with Anderson. 

Go deeper: Anderson fled Fresno on Feb. 23, but just one day later he was arrested during a traffic stop in Riverside. 

  • During three searches of homes, police officers found 11 illegal guns, hundreds of rounds of ammo, 90 pounds of drugs and $50,000. 
  • Anderson was booked into the Fresno County Jail and has a no-bail status. 
  • Anderson is a convicted felon who got off probation in 2019. 

What they’re saying: Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama said it’s too early to say if Anderson’s motivation was a hate crime, but Nazi paraphernalia was found along with the evidence. 

  • “We can’t ascertain what their motive was,” Balderrama said. “Obviously you see the racial paraphernalia, the paraphernalia can be associated with white supremacist groups. Was that their motivation? We don’t know at this point. We can’t say for certain, but it’s certainly something that we’re going to try to find out.”
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