Fresno Police arrest man for alleged $250k credit union fraud

The suspect is accused of causing over a quarter of a million dollars in loss to local credit unions.

Fresno Police have arrested a suspect for financial crimes involving local credit unions. 

The suspect, Tyrell McKenzie, allegedly caused local credit unions to lose over $250,00. 


Driving the news: According to police, McKenzie, 40, recruited over 100 credit union members to get access to their accounts. 

  • He deposited over 150 forged checks into the accounts, causing a loss of over $250,000. 
  • Police began investigating reports of fraudulent check deposits at local credit union ATMs in early January. 
  • Police conducted surveillance at The Row Luxury Apartments at Willow and Shepard Avenues on Feb. 23. 
  • Officers observed McKenzie walking through the complex near his apartment and arrested him without incident. 
  • Officers obtained significant evidence at his apartment, further linking him to the fraud. 
  • Police obtained numerous identification cards, social security cards, completed checks, boxes of various blank check stock, computers, printing equipment and other electronics. 
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