Fresno Mayor-elect Jerry Dyer tests positive for COVID-19

Fresno Mayor-elect Jerry Dyer has tested positive for COVID-19 following an election night gathering that included county Supervisor Steve Brandau, who tested positive for coronavirus last week. 

Later Tuesday evening, Granville Homes president Darius Assemi announced he, too, tested positive for the disease.


Dyer said in a statement that he was exposed by Brandau at a “small dinner gathering” and did a rapid PCR test last week, which came back negative. 

However, Dyer said he started to experience a “very light cough” late Monday morning, so he took a second test which came back positive Tuesday. 

He also experienced a headache, body aches, chills and a mild fever. 

“However, I am already starting to feel much better,” Dyer said. “I would equate my symptoms, at least at this point, to a severe cold or mild flu.” 

Dyer said he will quarantine as instructed by the Fresno County Department of Public Health. 

“I consider myself very fortunate as I know others experience severe sickness and unfortunately, death,” Dyer said. 

This is the first publicly revealed COVID-19 contraction that can be traced back to Brandau. 

Brandau, Dyer, Assemi, along with Fresno City Council member Mike Karbassi and Fresno Mayor Lee Brand attended an election night gathering at the home of Serop Torossian, the local government relations chief for Kaiser.

During a Tuesday night broadcast of GVWire’s “Unfiltered” program, Assemi broke the news of his diagnosis.

“I attended a private dinner on Election Night that included Steve Brandau and Mike Karbassi. After learning that Supervisor Brandau tested positive for COVID-19, I was tested at the Fresno County Department of Health on Friday morning. I received results on Friday evening that I had tested positive. I have experienced symptoms including a headache, a mild cough and mild muscle aches starting on Saturday. I have not had a fever and I’m already feeling better than I did over the weekend.”

Assemi said he had alerted employees and is quarantining at home.

Because of Brandau’s positive case, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, Clerk of the Board and Administrative Offices have been temporarily closed, and all staff was directed to quarantine. 

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