Fresno lays out millions in infrastructure spending – courtesy of Measure C

More than $26 million in tax revenue is headed to the City of Fresno that will go toward transportation improvements. 

Fresno City Council approved the city’s Measure C funds allocation on Thursday and directed city staff to file the necessary paperwork to receive the money from the county. 


Measure C – approved by voters in 2006 – executed a 0.5 cent retail and use tax over a 20-year period that is collected by the Fresno County Transportation Authority. 

Every year, each city in Fresno County claims the funds from the Transportation Authority. 

The largest share heading to the city is for the Fresno Area Express system at nearly $12 million. 

Fresno’s street maintenance program comes in second with a $5.8 million allocation, closely followed by a $5.6 million allotment that will be used for flexible funding. 

The pedestrian and trails department will receive $1.4 million. 

Fresno Yosemite International’s chunk of tax dollars comes in at $870,000. 

Fresno’s bicycle facilities will receive a $360,000 allocation, while $200,000 will go toward the city’s Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.

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