Fresno grants pet grooming “essential business” status

Pet grooming is back in business in the city of Fresno.

Pet grooming is back in business in the city of Fresno.

On Monday, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand announced that pet grooming is allowed as an essential business under California’s shelter-in-place order.


Brand made the decision after discussing it with his Fresno Recovery Committee on Monday.

“I’ve been considering this decision, and it’s time to start the gradual process of economic recovery,” said Brand in a statement. “I’m thankful for the exceptional advice provided by the committee and input from the public during this challenging time.

“This announcement will be joined by others in the future, as we move forward in a deliberate and reasonable way to return to normal routines without jeopardizing the health of our residents.”

The city determined that Governor Gavin Newsom’s emergency order does not prohibit pet grooming since it is a form of animal care. The city will inform pet groomers that they can operate immediately.

Brand and the city reminds pet groomers that the current health-safety guidelines – such as wearing personal protective equipment and abiding by social distancing and disinfecting protocols – must be followed.

Fresno’s shelter-in-place order is set to expire on May 6.

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