Fresno County to host Apostille to authenticate records

Anyone looking to have their records authenticated for international travel will have an opportunity to do so in Fresno.

The California Secretary of State’s office will host an Apostille Pop-Up Shop at the Fresno County Recorders’ Office. 

Fresno County Assessor-Recorder Paul Dictos announced Monday that the event will be held on March 11. 


The big picture: Apostille services are used to authenticate Californai public officials’ signatures on documents that are to be used outside of the United States. 

  • People can have birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational documents for international use and other documents authenticated. 
  • People would normally have to travel to Sacramento or Los Angeles to have their documents authenticated by an Apostille. 

What they’re saying: “Secretary of State [Shirley] Weber’s outreach to Fresno and the Central Valley shows her commitment to helping all Californians needing authentication of their important documents for international use,” Dictos said. “I am proud to host the Secretary of State’s staff to assist Fresno County residents who need personal Apostille service at the Recorder’s office so that they will not be required to travel to Sacramento or Los Angeles to authenticate their personal records.” 

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