Fresno announces pothole blitz, repaving projects on Shaw Ave.

The city is using millions in federal funding to complete the project over the next few years.

Fresno has received a $1.78 million federal grant to repave and improve the conditions of Shaw Ave., Mayor Jerry Dyer and Fresno City Council Vice President Mike Karbassi announced Tuesday. 

This most recent federal grant brings the city’s total investment for Shaw Ave. over the next few years to around $5 million. 


The big picture: Dyer announced that the city is starting a “pothole blitz” this week, fixing the many potholes that plague Shaw Ave. from Blackstone Ave. to Highway 99. 

  • The recent rain has contributed to the poor condition of Shaw, leading to many potholes for the 75,000 drivers that travel on Shaw Ave. daily between Highway 99 and Blackstone Ave. 
  • Repaving work will begin in 2026, and the funding will be phased through 2027 to complete the project. 
  • In the meantime, along with the pothole blitz, the city is going to do hot patching crack sealing work until the repaving starts. 
  • Dyer said the city has received a total of $4.5 million in federal grant money and over $500,000 from the state gas tax to cover repairs and improvements on Shaw Ave. 

What they’re saying: “A lot of work that’s going to be done – we want motorists to know that because some of their commute might be impacted by some delays, but it’s very important that we get this work done,” Dyer said at a press conference on Tuesday. “And it’s important that we get it done because the longer that we defer that maintenance, the worse condition these roads become and the more costly it becomes to repair them.” 

“When I took office in 2019, I made a firm commitment to improve every inch of District 2 in my time representing Northwest Fresno,” Karbassi said. “There’s no better example of a piece of infrastructure that I get to leave better than how I found it than Shaw Ave.”

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