Brandau, Olivier prepare push to simplify code enforcement

Steve Brandau and Clint Olivier have an idea to simplify code enforcement. Then again, they may further complicate something that’s already a mess.

As you may recall, Round 1 of the Task Force tackled blighted vacant buildings. Round 2 in nearing an end. The focus this time is the same as in the Brandau-Olivier resolution – the city’s residential rental stock.

Housing activists want a widespread inspection program, funded by landlords and regulated by City Hall. Critics say such a program would be unduly expensive for landlords. The critics say the program would inevitably lead to an unreasonably coercive government bureaucracy beholden to anti-private property activists.


The Brandau-Olivier resolution attempts to put City Hall on a different course than the one advocated by a substantial portion of the Task Force currently finishing its work. ASET/Ombudsman is designed to make the landlord-funded inspection program politically irrelevant.

That’s why I italicized “burdening” earlier. Determining who is to bear the cost of regulating Fresno’s private-sector buildings is going to be controversial for years to come.

Now to the third and final theme to this piece: notice and order.

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