Delano councilwoman Vasquez launches campaign for Kern County Board of Supervisors

District 4 is one of Kern County’s two Latino-majority districts. Vasquez is calling for voters to elect someone who reflects the demographics of the district.

Kern County Supervisor David Couch now has another challenger for his seat next year. 

Delano City Councilwoman Veronica Vasquez announced that she is running for the Board of Supervisors in District 4. 


The big picture: Vasquez is currently serving her first term on the Delano City Council, which she was elected to in 2020. 

  • She also works as a social worker and a union activist. Her campaign announcement says she is the fifth generation of a Delano family that has deep roots within United Farm Workers. 

State of play: Vasquez joins Wasco Vice Mayor Alex Garcia and Delano Vice Mayor Salvador Solorio-Ruiz in the race.

  • Garcia, who launched his campaign in August, pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving two years ago. 
  • Couch has been on the board since 2013 and has repeatedly been the target of Democrats through the redistricting process. 
  • The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund sued Kern County in 2013 over the district lines that were drawn in 2011. Kern County was forced to redraw its supervisorial district lines, making Couch’s district the county’s second Latino-majority district. 
  • Despite the redrawn lines, Couch remained popular on the board and has won reelection twice. 

What they’re saying: In her announcement, Vasquez called for robust leadership and accountability to deal with the challenging economy, saying she will work with the same passion and determination that she shows on the city council. 

  • “One of the biggest issues we are faced with is the misunderstanding of what the actual needs are in our rural communities. While our county has done a remarkable job to meet some of those needs, there is a lot more to be done,” Vasquez said. “Our district needs a supervisor that has a deep understanding of the vital services our county provides, and as a social worker in this community, I have seen those services in action and recognize the diverse needs in our community firsthand. We have the opportunity to ensure that our county leadership more accurately reflects the demographics of our entire county. Representation matters and I am ready to bring my unique experiences and perspective to the table to represent our communities.”
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