Scrivner’s restraining order hearing delayed, criminal investigation continues

Zack Scrivner is not allowed to contact his wife or children until at least December.

The hearing on a domestic violence restraining order for Kern County Supervisor Zack Scrivner has been delayed until December. 

In the meantime, Kern County Judge Tanya Richard said during a hearing on Thursday that the temporary restraining order placed on Scrivner will remain in effect. 


The big picture: Scrivner’s attorney Robert Carbone appeared in court Thursday representing the Supervisor, who has not been seen in public since allegations were made that he sexually assaulted one of his children. 

  • Scrivner did not make an appearance in court. 
  • His wife, Christina Scrivner, previously filed for divorce and requested a restraining order on him after the incident with his children. 
  • That temporary restraining order bars Scrivner from contacting his wife and children. 
  • Court documents show that he is seeking joint custody of his children through divorce proceedings. 

What we’re watching: The next hearing regarding the restraining order will be on Dec. 2 due to the criminal investigation that Scrivner currently faces. 

The backstory: Scrivner was stabbed twice in the upper torso by one of his sons in April, according to Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood. 

  • Youngblood said the son was trying to protect one of his siblings from sexual assault. 
  • Scrivner’s attorney H.A. Sala categorically denied the allegations, saying Scrivner was suicidal and that his son stabbed him in order to keep him from killing himself with a gun. 
  • Detectives seized around 30 firearms, electronics and a small quantity of psychedelic mushrooms from Scrivner’s house in Tehachapi after the incident. 
  • California Attorney General Rob Bonta is reviewing the case, and criminal charges have not been filed. 
  • Scrivner is taking a medical leave of absence from the Kern County Board of Supervisors. 
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