Kern Supervisor candidate arrested for second time in same week

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Abbasi for making annoying phone calls and making threats.

Kern County Board of Supervisors candidate David Abbasi was arrested for the second time in one week. 

Abbasi is currently in last place at the latest count for District 5 on the board. 


The big picture: Abbasi was arrested Friday morning on suspicion of making annoying phone calls by using obscene language or making threats, according to jail records. 

  • His bail was listed at $2,500, and he will appear in court next week. 
  • Abbasi was also arrested last Sunday for making annoying or harassing calls to 911. 
  • KGET reported that Abbasi called 911 multiple times because a neighbor who he shares a wall with was smoking indoors. He was afraid the smoke would cause an asthma attack. 
  • Four years ago Abbasi pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge for carrying a concealed firearm in public without a permit. He was sentenced to four years probation for brandishing a gun at a teen when their dogs began to fight. 
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