Former Kern Supervisor candidate Abbasi called sheriff’s office 181 times in March

Abbasi faces two misdemeanors for making harassing calls to 911 and the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Former Kern County supervisor candidate David Abbasi called the sheriff’s communications center 181 times in march. 

That included at least 17 calls to 911, according to court documents. 


The backstory: Abbasi is facing two misdemeanors for making annoying calls to 911 and making annoying or harassing calls to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. 

  • Prosecutors charged Abbasi with the misdemeanors late last month. 

The big picture: Most of the calls were regarding someone smoking inside a business that shares a wall with his residence. 

  • The documents state that Abbasi said the smoke aggravated his asthma and endangered his life. 
  • But the sheriff’s office found that the smoking happened in a residence located at the back of the business, which is legal. 
  • Abbasi had been warned by the sheriff’s office that he could be arrested. Despite the warnings, he kept calling and was arrested on March 24 and again on March 29. 

What we’re watching: Abbasi is scheduled to appear in court on May 17. 

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