Audit: Chowchilla prison staffer watched 2,256 YouTube videos on the job

An audit conducted by the State of California found one staffer excelling at consuming YouTube videos on the job at Valley State Prison.

An administrator at Valley State Prison in Chowchilla spent countless hours over the course of 10 months watching more than 2,000 YouTube videos on the taxpayer’s dime, a new report from the California State Auditor says.

The administrator used a state-issued laptop to view the YouTube videos during work hours from September 2017 through June 2018.


The staffer’s position was with the prison’s education program, which enabled him to bypass the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s internet blocker.

According to the Auditor’s report “[m]ost of the videos featured recreational vehicles, footage from crimes, and political or religious commentary.”

Meanwhile, the person who reported the staffer to the California State Auditor said that the staffer “watched YouTube videos ‘every day, all day long, five days per week.'”

The staffer’s supervisor told the California State Auditor that “she could not remember a week when he had worked the expected 40 hours” and that “the evidence confirmed the poor work output she witnessed from the administrator.”

The administrator was not ultimately fired by CDCR, but retired before the agency could take disciplinary action.

YouTube videos by-the-month:

  • September 2017: 221 videos
  • October 2017: 202 videos
  • November 2017: 83 videos
  • December 2017: 368 videos
  • January 2018: 57 videos
  • February 2018: 249 videos
  • March 2018: 218 videos
  • April 2018: 378 videos
  • May 2018: 135 videos
  • June 2018: 346 videos

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