19 men busted for human trafficking in Kings County

Investigators used the internet and messaging apps to lure people known to be involved in human trafficking.

Law enforcement arrested 19 people last week on charges related to human trafficking and child exploitation in Kings County. 

Two women were rescued from human trafficking because of the multi-agency operation. 


The big picture: The Kings County Sheriff’s Office announced that an operation from Nov. 29 to through Dec. 1 resulted in nearly 20 arrests for human trafficking. 

  • The sheriff’s office worked with the Hanford Police Department, Lemoore Police Department, Corcoran Police Department, California Department of Justice, FBI, Kings County Major Crimes Task Force, Homeland Security and Naval Criminal Investigation Services on the operation. 
  • Law enforcement investigators spoke to individuals through the internet and mobile applications who were known to be involved in human trafficking. 
  • Several people arranged to meet and pay for sex, receive money for sex, meet with underage girls and boys for sex and arrange for underage girls to enter human trafficking through those conversations. 

What they’re saying: “Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation is a growing issue, requiring vigilance and constant attention,” said Kings County Sheriff David Robinson. “It can take place in any community, regardless of the community’s size or location.”

    The suspects: The following people were arrested: 

    • Jose Figueroa Laredo, 29
    • Jose Leon Martinez, 25
    • Raul Carrillo Flores, 38
    • Andrew Prieto, 26
    • Elijah Perez, 22
    • Isaac Martinez, 29
    • Jose Jimenez Munoz, 34
    • Benustiano Martinez Ceja, 30
    • Leyser Padilla Galicia, 30
    • Jose Garcia, 32
    • Ernesto Castro, 29
    • Joshua Wilkinson, 35
    • Andrew Orosco, 24
    • Anthony Baffo, 47
    • Cody Mendes, 30
    • Juan Vasquez, 30
    • David Serrato, 35
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