FuboTV sues ESPN, Fox over proposed sports streaming service

The TV provider claims it has been trying for years to offer what ESPN, Fox and Warner Bros. is planning to launch later this year.

Streaming service FuboTV filed an antitrust lawsuit against ESPN, Fox, Warner Bros. Discovery and Hulu over their plans to create their own sports-streaming service. 

The lawsuit has been filed in the Southern District of New York, and FuboTV is seeking a jury trial.


The backstory: Earlier this month, ESPN, Fox, Warner Bros. Discovery and Hulu announced plans to launch a sports streaming service later this year. 

  • Outside of the announcement, the companies did not reveal an exact date they planned to launch the new service, nor did they say what it would cost. 

Driving the news: FuboTV claims that these companies have engaged in anticompetitive practices to monopolize the market, increase pricing for subscribers, and limit consumer choice.

  • FuboTV states that it has been prevented from offering a sports-only streaming service due to bundling requirements imposed by ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery.
  • The streaming service accuses the other companies of stealing Fubo’s core business idea – a sports-centric package of channels – while blocking Fubo from offering the same package. 
  • FuboTV wants the proposal to be shuttered and is seeking cash damages. Alternatively, they are requesting restrictions on the joint venture to ensure competition in the marketplace.

What they’re saying: “Each of these companies has consistently engaged in anticompetitive practices that aim to monopolize the market, stifle any form of competition, create higher pricing for subscribers and cheat consumers from deserved choice,” said FuboTV CEO David Gandler in a statement. “Simply put, this sports cartel blocked our playbook for many years and now they are effectively stealing it for themselves.”

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