UC Davis scientists identify new cancer treatment

While the treatment is still early on in the testing process, it could prove revolutionary for cancer patients.

Scientists at UC Davis in California claim to have identified a “switch” that can activate cancer cell death, potentially revolutionizing cancer treatment.

Driving the news: The discovery can target and eliminate cancer cells while sparing healthy cells, according to researchers from the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.


  • The findings were published in the Nature journal Cell Death & Differentiation.
  • The new treatment has not yet been tested on animals or humans but has shown success in lab studies. 
  • The combination of immunotherapy with the activation of the identified “switch” could transform cancer treatment.
  • However, the treatment is more effective in treating liquid cancers, such as leukemia, rather than solid tumors.
  • Such treatment would be costly, estimated at approximately $500,000.
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