Minnesota woman sues after having over 30 dental procedures in single visit

She is seeking tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

A woman in Minnesota has filed a lawsuit against her dentist after receiving four root canals, eight dental crowns, and 20 fillings in a single visit.

All of those procedures in one visit allegedly led to her disfigurement. 


Driving the news: Kathleen Wilson accused Dr. Kevin Molldrem of Molldrem Family Dentistry in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in a lawsuit of providing negligent treatment, administering an unsafe dosage of anesthesia and falsifying medical records to cover it up. 

  • Wilson’s legal team retained an expert dentist who found various breaches in the duty of care during the treatment.
  • The expert dentist stated in a report that while the right diagnosis was made, the quality of treatment provided by Dr. Molldrem was poor.
  • Wilson had decay on almost every tooth in her mouth, and attempting to restore all her teeth in one visit did not address her susceptibility to disease or potential tooth loss.
  • There were issues with anesthesia dosage, with Wilson receiving a dosage higher than the recommended maximum. 
  • Wilson sought treatment at another dental office for recurrent decay and damage, as well as at the University of Minnesota Dental School for repair and replacement of restorations.
  • She is claiming at least $50,000 in damages for pain, embarrassment, disfigurement, and distress.
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