Carr brothers donate $250,000 to Valley Children’s

The Guilds that support Valley Children’s are receiving the support of David and Derek Carr.

David Carr and Derek Carr have donated $250,000 to the Guilds of Valley Children’s Healthcare. 

The Guilds are a group that fundraises for the hospital and supports health for children beyond the hospital, such as physical environment, health behaviors and economic status. 


The big picture: According to Valley Children’s only 20 percent of factors that influence health are linked to clinical care. 

  • The other 80 percent are related to social determinants. 
  • The gift from the Carr brothers will help the Guilds exceed their $5 million commitment to establish the Guilds Center for Community Health Endowment. 

What they’re saying: “The Central Valley is home for Derek and me, and we want to make sure that this region continues to offer every child with opportunities for a bright future,” David Carr said in a statement. “Both Derek and I have seen first-hand what Valley Children’s has done for our own children and through insightful discussions with President and CEO Todd Suntrapak, we were inspired by the work the Guilds are doing and the impact the Guilds Center for Community Health has on children and their families beyond the walls of the hospital.” 

  • Suntrapak thanked the Carr brothers for their continued support of the hospital. 
  • “David and Derek’s support of the Guilds and the Guilds Center for Community Health will further strengthen our ability to bridge the gap between clinical care and community health for children and families across the Central Valley,” Suntrapak said in a statement. “This contribution exemplifies their shared and unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference for kids in our community.” 
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