UCLA ordered to pay “Calimony” for Big 10 move

While UCLA and UC Berkeley will no longer be in the same conference for athletics, the two UC schools will be connected by a paycheck for the next three years.

UCLA has been ordered to pay UC Berkeley $30 million over three years as compensation for leaving the Pac-12 athletic conference.

UCLA and USC left the Pac-12 for larger media deals in the Big Ten in 2022, impacting Pac-12 revenues and contributing to the eventual dissolution of the conference.


Driving the news: Originally, UC President Michael V. Drake suggested UCLA should pay $60 million over six years, but the board committee reduced the length of the punishment to three years.

  • The decision to pay UC Berkeley has been referred to as “Calimony” and will be reevaluated in three years due to the changing landscape of college athletics, including conference realignment and athlete name, image, and likeness profits.

The big picture: The full UC Regents Board voted 15-1 in favor of forcing UCLA to make the payments, with one member voting against and another opposing the proposal during committee vote.

  • Both UCLA and UC Berkeley’s athletic programs face budgetary challenges, which contributed to UCLA’s decision to leave the Pac-12.
  • UCLA is expected to receive around $60 million a year in the Big 10. 
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