Report: Fresno State eyes ditching shift to distance learning after Thanksgiving

The idea, floated publicly while the Delta variant raged, is on the verge of being dropped as university officials consult with public health experts, a report says

After publicly mulling the idea of requiring all students return to distance learning after the Thanksgiving holiday, it appears that Fresno State is engaging in an about-face on the proposal.

The idea of shifting to online-only schooling was floated during the depths of the Delta variant spike of coronavirus cases, mere weeks before a California State University-mandated deadline for students, staff, and faculty to get vaccinated to utilize on-campus resources.


Now, a report from ABC30 says that Fresno State administrators are walking back the drastic, post-vacation shift to digital learning.

The report noted that Fresno State officials are continuing to consult with Fresno County public health authorities before making a final decision, but the shift in tenor comes as the university boasts vaccination rates in excess of 85 percent for employees and students.

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