Jewish students file lawsuit against Harvard claiming antisemitism

The students argue that the university is promoting violence against them, especially since the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas.

Several Jewish students at Harvard University are accusing the university of becoming a bastion of rampant anti-Jewish hatred and harassment. 

The group filed a lawsuit against the university. 


Driving the news: The lawsuit alleges that Harvard violated Jewish students’ civil rights and tolerated harassment, assault, and intimidation of Jewish students, particularly since the Oct. 7th Hamas attack on Israel.

  • The lawsuit claims that “mobs of pro-Hamas students and faculty” have marched through the campus calling for death to Jews and Israel. 
  • The mobs have allegedly occupied buildings, classrooms and other spots on campuses for days or weeks at a time while promoting violence against Jews. 

What they’re saying: Attorney Marc Kasowitz, who is representing the group, said in a statement that Harvard will not correct its antisemitism problem voluntarily. 

  • “Harvard must be forced to protect its Jewish students and stop applying a double standard when it comes to anti-Jewish bigotry,” Kasowitz said. 
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