Clovis Unified not “writing off school year,” votes to extend closure to May 22

Eschewing the approach of many school districts, Clovis Unified isn’t shuttering campuses for the remainder of the school year just yet.

Clovis Unified school trustees eschewed the approach taken by most Valley school districts and voted Wednesday night to extend its school closure for additional weeks rather than shut down all campuses for the remainder of the year.

Via a unanimous vote of Clovis Unified’s school board, the district’s schools will remain closed through May 22.


The final day of school, according to the district’s academic calendar, is June 5.

While schools remain closed, Clovis Unified educators are continuing to engage in distance learning with students – either electronically or via physical workbooks.

Clovis Unified Board President Chris Casado didn’t shy away from the district’s different approach to addressing school closures, noting that Clovis was “not committing to writing off the school year like some districts have done.”

A key consideration, raised by a Clovis High School teacher and parent was the potential, if not likely, cancellation of graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020.

O’Farrell did note that the district had reserved a venue for later in the summer for a potential ceremony, but noted that Fresno County Public Health officials deemed any conventional graduation ceremony in conflict with current social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines.

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