Cal State LA bans pro-Palestinian protesters after building vandalized

Protesters occupied and vandalized a building on campus this week while the university president and other administrators were inside.

California State University, Los Angeles, has banned all pro-Palestinian protesters from campus. 

Cal State LA President Berenecea Johnson Eanes announced that the protesters are banned after occupying and trashing a building that she was in. 


Driving the news: Most of the employees were able to leave the Student Services Building after protesters barricaded it, but a group of administrators remained to manage the situation, including the university President Berenecea Johnson Eanes.

  • The group of protesters also set up an encampment on campus, which they have occupied for around 40 days.
  • After the protests, the university has announced that all main campus operations and classes will be remote until further notice.
  • The protesters who occupied the building were given a warning to leave or face arrest, and most of them left except for a few who ultimately left when university police ordered them out.

Go deeper: The CSULA Gaza Solidarity Encampment, the group responsible for the protests, indicated that members were staging a sit-in in the building.

  • There were no arrests or injuries reported, but significant damage was reportedly done to the building’s exterior, interior, equipment, materials, and structure.

What they’re saying: Eanes said in a statement that she had been engaging with protesters, but this week’s events have changed how she is handling the situation. 

  • “So long as the encampment remained non-violent, I was committed that the university would continue to talk. But in the wake of destruction and theft that occurred Wednesday, a line was crossed and “those in the encampment must leave,” Eanes said. 
  • She continued, ““I am saddened, and I am angry. Campus community: Know that we will recover from this, but also know that I am committed to doing everything we can to ensure this will never be allowed to repeat. I cannot and would not protect anyone who is directly identified as having participated in last night’s illegal activities from being held accountable.”
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