Tinder killer sentenced for murder in Placer County

The man tortured a woman he met on tinder and murdered a man that the woman had been seeing.

A Rancho Cordova man was sentenced this week for torturing one victim and murdering another, both of which he met on Tinder in 2021. 

Damon Allen Benson, 31, will serve 71 years to life in prison. 


Driving the news: In August 2021 Benson extensively tortured a woman that he met on Tinder in his apartment. 

  • Part of the torture included carving a Swastika into her back while she was tied to the ceiling by a rope. She was of Jewish descent. 
  • Benson tortured her to get the address of another man that she had met on Tinder so that he could murder him. 
  • Benson ambushed the other man at his house in the middle of the night and murdered him with a gun. 
  • The Placer County District Attorney’s Office filed multiple charges against Benson, including murder, aggravated mayhem, torture, felony criminal threats and false imprisonment by violence. 

What they’re saying: “This is a day for justice for the victim and the victim’s family,” said Supervising Deputy District Attorney Jeffery Moore in a statement. 

  • “We recognize this verdict will not bring [the victim] back and that we cannot undo what this defendant has done to their family. We are humbled to provide justice for this horrific crime to the greatest extent our laws allow. The defendant shows a clear danger to the public and a callous disregard for human life. Removing Benson from society is the only way to ensure he doesn’t victimize anyone again.”
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