San Joaquin County community becomes state’s newest city

The growing community southwest of Stockton will be governed by a city council.

Mountain House in San Joaquin County became California’s newest city on Monday, following overwhelming support for cityhood from voters.

Located in the southwestern part of San Joaquin County, about 30 miles southwest of Stockton and 50 miles east of Oakland, Mountain House will incorporate as the state’s 483rd city and the first new city since 2011.


The big picture: The community has around 28,000 residents and about 10,000 registered voters, and it is known as a growing community.

  • In addition to celebrating its cityhood, Mountain House announced that officials will hold a commemoration ceremony as part of its Fourth of July celebration.
  • The cityhood vote also included decisions on a proposed mayor and city council, as well as the determination of how future elections would work, with voters opting for an at-large process to elect city council members, where candidates with the most votes will become city council members.
  • Prior to the cityhood vote, Mountain House was governed by an elected five-member community services district board.
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