Protesters arrested at UCLA for attempting to set up another encampment

UCLA Police prevented protesters from pitching tents on campus after the sprawling encampment last month led to violence.

Around 25 people were arrested at UCLA on Monday night for trying to set up another encampment. 

The arrests were made after a group associated with a registered student organization set up “unauthorized and unlawful” encampments at several locations on campus, including the Janss Steps and Kerckhoff patio, according to the UCLA Police Department. 


The big picture: “The individuals are in the process of being cited, issued 14-day stay away orders from UCLA property, and released,” the UCLA Police Department said. “Approximately 150 protesters remain in the area as of the latest update.”

  • The group had earlier created a sprawling encampment on the campus in late April and early May, which led to clashes with counter-protesters.
  • Approximately 150 protesters remained in the area at the time of the latest update.

Go deeper: The group’s actions resulted in damage to university property, including the Shapiro fountain, brick walkways, fire safety equipment, patio furniture, electrical fixtures, and vehicles.

  • One additional person was arrested for interfering with a police officer during the setup of the first encampment.
  • The arrests were made under a California law that prohibits “Willful Disruption of University Operations.”
  • The group’s actions also disrupted final exams taking place on campus.
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