Newsom doubles down on curtailing concealed carry, vows support for upcoming bill

A U.S. Supreme Court decision made it considerably more difficult to curtail concealed carry. California Democrats aren’t giving up.

One year after California lawmakers struggled to approve a comprehensive tightening of concealed carry weapons permitting, Gov. Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta, and State Sen. Anthony Portantino (D–Burbank) have returned with a vengeance to limit gun access.

Breaking down the news: As mass shootings gripped the Golden State last month, Newsom has began to petition for a bill that would not only limit where concealed weapons may be in possession, but also prevents anyone below the age of 21 to even obtain the permit. This bill would require those who obtain a permit to take part in additional training related to the storage and safe transportation of firearms.


  • Over the last month, California witnessed two mass shootings, despite having implemented the harshest gun laws in the nation.
  • The shootings have served as a rallying cry for Newsom to reaffirm support for sweeping curtailment of concealed carry, including a ban on concealed firearms in zoos, amusement parks, banks, playgrounds, libraries, churches and privately-owned businesses that are accessible to the public.
  • Previous laws in California and nine other states required those obtaining a permit to provide “proper cause” as to why they need a concealed gun in public such as any potential threats. These laws were invalidated by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2021.

What we’re watching: As this year begins to unfold, Newsom has vowed to sign new gun bills into law and would do whatever it takes to make it happen. Currently, there are four key firearms bills leading the discussion in Sacramento:

  • Assembly Bill 97 would criminalize possession of unserialized firearms and Assembly Bill 328 would reinforce even harsher penalties for violent crimes committed with possession of a gun.
  • AB 28 taxes firearms and ammunition at a higher rate to provide funding for gun violence protection.
  • SB 2, announced Wednesday, sets limitations for concealed carry permit holders.
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