New California law would fine stores for not having gender-neutral toy sections

Two years ago California lawmakers passed a law that fines large California stores if they do not have gender-neutral toy sections.

California retail stores with more than 500 employees will be fined if they do not designate a gender-neutral section for toys.

The new law aims to eliminate the separation of toys traditionally marketed towards boys or girls.


The backstory: Two years ago California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1084 into law, also called Gender neutral retail departments. 

  • The law will take effect at the start of next year, just a few weeks away. 

The big picture: Stores must display a “reasonable selection” of toys regardless of their gender-specific marketing.

  • Violations of the law can result in fines, starting at $250 for the first offense and increasing to $500 for subsequent infractions.
  • The legislation argues that keeping traditionally gendered toys separate makes it difficult for consumers to compare products and implies that their use by one gender is inappropriate.
  • The sponsor of the bill, Asm. Evan Low (D–Sunnyvale) argued in 2021 that segregating toys by gender is outdated and reinforces harmful stereotypes.
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