Judge grants only one item for DNA testing in Scott Peterson case

Peterson suffered a setback in court as he continues to try to prove his innocence.

Scott Peterson will only have one additional item tested for DNA evidence in his case to prove his innocence. 

A California judge largely denied a motion by Peterson’s defense team and the Los Angeles Innocence Project for further evidence. 


The big picture: The Los Angeles Innocence Project requested 14 items be DNA tested. The judge denied the request for all but one item – the duct tape recovered from Laci Peterson’s pants during her autopsy.

  • Laci Peterson, who was pregnant, disappeared on Christmas Eve 2002, and her body was found in the San Francisco Bay in April 2003.
  • Scott Peterson was convicted in 2004 for first-degree murder in his wife’s death and second-degree murder in their unborn son’s death. 
  • He was initially sentenced to death, later overturned to life imprisonment without parole.

Go deeper: Attorneys with the LA Innocence Project claim Scott Peterson’s state and federal constitutional rights were violated, and that there is no forensic evidence linking him to the murders.

  • His attorneys are seeking additional items for testing and will discuss their motion further in court on July 15.
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