Highway 1 near Big Sur closes once again

The highway suffered a lane collapse last week due to storms.

Scenic Highway 1 in Big Sur, California, has been closed once again due to the collapse of a giant section into the ocean following heavy weekend rains, as more storms approach the area.

The closure prompted an evacuation warning for parts of the coastal community of Big Sur, leading to the closure of an elementary school and preschool in the Carmel Unified School District.


The big picture: Convoy passage for vehicles through the closed area has been canceled due to forecasted rain, with plans to resume the convoy passage on Saturday, as crews remain on-site to monitor conditions.

  • The collapse near Rocky Creek Bridge, about 17 miles south of Monterey, temporarily stranded approximately 1,600 people in Big Sur, with most individuals able to leave when a single lane was reopened.
  • This famous scenic route has experienced frequent closures due to collapses, mudflows, and rockslides during severe weather, highlighting the ongoing challenges posed by natural events in the region.
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