Highway 1 lane collapses near Big Sur

Caltrans had to escort vehicles around the damaged section of the collapsed lane after a storm.

A section of California’s Highway 1 along the central coast collapsed during a storm, leading to closures and stranding motorists near Big Sur.

The collapse occurred near the Rocky Creek Bridge, about 17 miles south of Monterey, during heavy rain.


The big picture: The highway was closed in both directions as engineers assessed the damage and worked on a plan to evacuate motorists from the area.

  • Crews determined that travel in the northbound lane was safe and began periodically escorting motorists around the damaged section.
  • Around 300 cars were waiting to travel northbound when the first convoy went through the area.
  • Some stranded motorists had to sleep in their cars overnight or were sheltered at the nearby Big Sur Lodge.
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