Feds request FCI Dublin to be shut down immediately

The federal government argued against a status review for all 605 prisoners, which would effectively keep the prison open.

Federal officials are pushing back against a judge’s order that would delay the closure of Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Dublin. 

FCI Dublin has a troubled history of sexual abuse and has been known as the “rape club.” 


The big picture: Earlier this week the Bureau of Prisons announced that FCI Dublin would be shut down, and a federal judge ordered that the status of all 605 women held at the prison be reviewed. 

  • The Bureau, in response, filed court papers questioning the authority of the special master appointed by the judge on April 5 to oversee the prison, who’s now tasked with reviewing each inmate’s status.
  • The bureau argued that the judge’s order amounts to “a de facto requirement” for the bureau to keep the prison open, and plans for the closure and transfer of inmates “cannot be changed on the fly,” especially because the facility faces severe understaffing and a significant lack of health services.
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