Federal Dublin prison known as the “rape club” to close down

An investigation three years ago by the Associated Press revealed startling details of sexual assault at the Dublin prison.

A Bay Area federal prison known as the “rape club” will close down, the federal Bureau of Prisons announced on Monday. 

The move comes after a federal judge overseeing lawsuits against Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Dublin appointed a special master to oversee the prison’s operations. 


The backstory: Last month the federal judge referred to the prison as a “dysfunctional mess.” 

  • In 2021 the Associated Press launched an investigation into the prison and revealed a culture of abuse and cover ups at FCI Dublin. 
  • Eight incarcerated individuals and the California Coalition of Women Prisoners filed a lawsuit against the prison alleging ongoing sexual abuse and exploitation. 
  • In the last three years at least eight FCI Dublin employees have been charged with sexually abusing inmates. 

The big picture: The prison has been referred to as the “rape club” by inmates due to the pervasive sexual abuse and cover-ups that have persisted for years.

  • Advocates have urged for the release of inmates from FCI Dublin, citing issues such as hazardous mold, asbestos, and inadequate health care within the facility.

What they’re saying: Colette Peters, Bureau of Prisons director, said in a statement that the agency had taken unprecedented steps and provided a number of resources to address the issues at FCI Dublin. 

  • “Despite these steps and resources, we have determined that FCI Dublin is not meeting expected standards and that the best course of action is to close the facility,” Peters said. “This decision is being made after ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of those unprecedented steps and additional resources.”
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