Rooftop solar incentives cut by Calif. public utilities commission

State regulators dealt a blow to an industry already experiencing rough times.

California regulators have voted to reduce rooftop solar incentives for schools, apartment buildings and farmers. 

The decision by the California Public Utilities Commission was made on Thursday. 


The big picture: The CPUC’s decision will see owners of non-residential buildings have their payments cut for any energy they produce from solar panels. 

  • Apartment owners will also see a loss, with credits reduced for solar power that is used for common areas, with the exception for some low-income housing. 
  • The changes will only apply to new customers, but the decision represents a setback for solar companies already struggling with poor sales. 
  • The California Solar & Storage Association anticipates around a 20 percent loss in solar jobs throughout California by early next year. 
  • California regulators anticipate that the new rates for commercial properties will encourage customers to adopt battery storage and export solar during high-demand periods by improving price signals.
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