California experiences largest job loss in nation

Manufacturing and tech have had major hits to start the year.

California has experienced the highest number of job losses in the United States so far this year, according to Federal Reserve of Economic Data.

As of the first quarter of this year, nearly 483,000 California residents have lost their jobs.


The big picture: California’s job loss is an increase of around 30,000 job losses compared to the end of last year. 

  • Its 5.3 percent unemployment rate in March also topped the nation, followed by Nevada at 5.1 percent, and Illinois, New Jersey and Washington tied at 4.8 percent. 

Go deeper: The manufacturing sector in California saw the largest decrease in jobs, with 5,300 positions lost between February and March.

  • Meanwhile, the areas of private education and health services gained 13,600 jobs during the same period.
  • The tech/information sector in California experienced the biggest year-over-year decrease, with 53,600 jobs lost.
  • Major companies like Tesla, eBay, and Google have announced significant layoffs in California recently.
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