Calif. Assembly approves reparations package, formal apology to Black residents for slavery

The bill is part of a number of proposals sent forth from the California Legislative Black Caucus that deal with reparations.

California is one step closer to issuing a formal apology to its Black residents for slavery. 

Thursday, the California Assembly approved a bill to have the state formally apologize for its role in slavery and discriminatory practices. 


The big picture: Assembly Bill 3089 was authored by Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D–Los Angeles) and is part of a series of bills under consideration by the Legislature for California’s proposed reparations package. 

  • It passed on a 62-0 vote on Thursday and now heads to the Senate. 

What they’re saying: Jones-Sawyer called the vote “historic” in a post on X. 

Go deeper: Along with the formal apology, three other bills that are part of the reparations package were passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee. 

  • Senate Bill 1050 would provide restitution for racially-motivated landtaking. 
  • Senate Bill 1403 would create the Freedman Affairs Agency to oversee reparations. 
  • Senate Bill 1331 would create a funding source for reparations. 
  • All three of those bills will go before the Senate floor next week. 
  • Two other proposals, Senate Bill 1007 and Senate Bill 1013, did not pass, however. SB 1007 would have provided home ownership assistance, while SB 1013 would have opened the door for property tax relief for descendants of slaves. 
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